I'm on a mission to help humans heal.

I've recorded a guided reiki healing session to help you release stuck trauma from your body.

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Oh hey, I’m Amie

I'm a therapist, master reiki practitioner, writer, and artist among other things...

I've found that gentler practices like mindfulness, reiki, self-compassion, and good storytelling are the things that actually bring about lasting change in our lives. These also have the added bonus of helping us clear past trauma, stuck energy we no longer need, and painful inflammation.

Grab my free guided reiki meditation and see if this might work for you too.

I believe you are here for a reason.

I also believe we have the power to heal ourselves and I would like to show you how. When you join our mailing list, You'll recieve a free guided reiki meditation.

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Guided Meditations

as featured on InSight Timer

I start all my guided meditations with: Dear Wild One, because, you, my friend are a wild one! You may be wild like a house plant... but you are a whole and wild human and I love sharing these stories and guided visualizations with you.

Dear Wild One

12 minute guided meditation

on InSight Timer

What we tend to, Grows

10 minute guided meditation

on InSight Timer

When the moon wanes...

8 minute guided meditation

on InSight Timer

Anxiety mini course

Recent Reviews

"Amie has a gift of ushering you into a grounded and peaceful place where your inner life can be transformed! Really great meditation practices she offers!!"


Create a journal habit that lasts and helps!

I've created a series of guided journals and mood tracker/habit planners to ease you into the healing and creative powers of journaling. It's safe to say that half the clients I see roll their eyes as soon as I ask if they have tried journaling. They say things like, "I get tired of writing the same crazy things each day." If you can relate, I may have a solution for you...

Amie Longmire's resources available on Amazon

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